[Happy Clothes white shirt]

Registration number: 33IND
Type of collection:Clothes
Registration number: 33IND
Class:Social Outfit
Title:[Happy Clothes white shirt]
Author:Angel, Zuzu
Background/Collection:Zuzu Angel
Production date:Década de 1970
Local production:Donation
Clothes history: Shirt with exclusive pattern developed by Zuzu Angel, later patented by Hildergad Angel. Several of the shirts that make up the archive in the present day were donated by different people from across the country after Zuzu Angel’s death as a way to manifest their solidarity to the political cause. According to Hildegard Angel (in a statement issued in 17/03/2017), other pieces were part of the store stock when it closed down and all were crafted bay Toninho Vieira (owner of the store Love Pier, in Ipanema). [The development and sale of brand t-shirts began after the launch of the Zuzu Angel store in Leblon, in 1973. From this moment on, there was an expansion of the offered product mix such as the sale of accessories, nightgowns, coin purses, cup holders amongst others].
Width: 0,27
Height: 0,52
Technique:Machine sewn, Silk screen
Clothes description: White short sleeve cotton shirt with round collar localized pattern with the writing Zuzu Angel with four stars circling it. Right below, there is a woman using a white top with red polka dots, skirt, bracelet, hair and red ornament. Nest to the face there is a speech bubble with the writing “Happy Clothes”. Below the character there is the writing “Rio de Janeiro”. Machine sewn piece with white thread. The sleeves are 0,20 cm long and 0,08 cm wide.
Associated events:Ocupação Zuzu Angel (Zuzu Angel Occupation) Exhibition. Itaú Cultural Institute. São Paulo, 2014.
Complementary clothes: Does not apply.
Description of complementary clothes: Does not apply.

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[Drawing of pattern “Zuzu Angel Happy Clothes Carnival in Rio”]

Pattern “Zuzu Angel Happy Clothes Carnival in Rio” drawn in pen and with an outline made out o black felt tip pen. Has some writing made in pencil on some specific areas.

[Zuzu signature silkscreen matrix screen]

Silkscreen matrix screen of the Zuzu Angel Happy Clothes Rio de Janeiro print, to be used on t-shirts.

[Photographic record of Liza Minelli’s visit to Zuzu Angel’s store]

Photographic record of Liza Minelli at Zuzu Angel’s store holding a t-shirt with print “Zuzu Angel; Happy Clothes; Rio-New York”. Has a pen inscription on the back of the photograph which reads “Zuzu Angel boutique Rio de Janeiro; Liza Minelli (sic)”.

[Photographic record of Liza Minelli and Zuzu Angel at Zuzu’s brand store]

Photographic record of Liza Minelli standing beside Zuzu Angel at her store in Leblon. The back of the photograph has a pen inscription of the number “3”.

[Photographic record of Liza Minelli wearing a patterned print t-shirt from Zuzu’s brand]

Photographic record of Liza Minelli, possibly during a musical performance, wearing a white t-shirt with the print “Zuzu Angel; Happy Clothes; Rio-New York”. The piece mentioned was acquired during a visit to Zuzu angel’s store in 15/02/1974. The back of the picture has a pen inscription of the number “6” on the top part and a pencil inscription on the bottom which reads “Liza (sic) M. wearing t-shirt ZA”.

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The News


On Zuzu Angel's centenary, the legendary designer from Minas Gerais gains virtual exposure!

To commemorate the centenary of stylist Zuzu Angel (she was born on 06/05/1921 and was murdered in 1976), Itaú Cultural transformed the exhibition “Ocupação Zuzu“, which took place physically in 2014, into a large virtual tour with the right to new content , as an entry in the Itaú Cultural Encyclopedia.





O Instituto Zuzu Angel tem uma agenda bonita de celebrações

No próprio sábado, será inaugurada em Curvelo, cidade natal de Zuzu, em Praça Pública, uma grande exposição ao ar livre, contando sua história, através de imagens do arquivo pessoal e da sua moda. A curadoria é do Ivan Penna,


100 Anos de Zuzu Angel

Em 05 de junho de 2021 estamos comemorando 100 anos de nossa querida Zuzu Angel!