Dress [Pepsi Ladies] with feather boa.

Registration number: 108IND
Type of collection:Clothes
Registration number: 108IND
Class:Social Outfit
Title:Dress [Pepsi Ladies] with feather boa.
Author:Angel, Zuzu
Background/Collection:Zuzu Angel
Production date:Década de 1960
Local production:Legacy
Clothes history: According to Hildegard Angel (January 2017 interview), the dress was originally made for Zuzu Angel’s personal use, and was used at a formal social event held when Jean Shrimpton came to Brazil (IZA’s document archive has the newspaper with photos documenting the encounter between the two). Since Zuzu Angel and Bibi Ferreira had the same height, the dress was donated to her by Zuzu Angel, being worn in several shows and social events. After the death of Zuzu Angel, Bibi Ferreira donated the dress to the Zuzu Angel Institute (IZA).
Width: 0,54
Height: 1,40
Technique:Embroidered by hand , Hand sewn, Machine sewn
Material:Silk, Sequin
Clothes description: Long dress with hand sewed sequins creating a gradient effect in shades of brown, orange and beige. The dress has long sleeves, a round collar and a closing on the back with brackets and a polyester zipper.
Associated events:Ocupação Zuzu Angel (Zuzu Angel Occupation) Exhibition. Itaú Cultural Institute. São Paulo, 2014.
Complementary clothes: Feather boa [Pepsi Ladies] with dress. Replica
Description of complementary clothes: Orange colored feather boa. The piece is divided in two parts, each being approximately 2, 30 m long and 0, 14 cm wide. The boa is a replica made for the 2014 exhibition.

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Pink dress RAIN [Pepsi Ladies]

Long sleeve dress, made in silk and pink tulle, with half sleeves and a embroidery made in colored gems and sequins in different shapes in gold and silver. The embroidery is concentrated at the collar, forming a peak, creating an effect that resembles raindrops all throughout the piece. Below the embroidered organza there is a tulle and silk with silver sparkles directly beneath it. Inside the piece there is a beige lining. The sleeve doesn’t have a lining or tulle. Closing on the back with brackets and a 0, 61 cm pink polyester zipper and white snap buttons. The waist’s width is 0, 44 cm.

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The News


On Zuzu Angel's centenary, the legendary designer from Minas Gerais gains virtual exposure!

To commemorate the centenary of stylist Zuzu Angel (she was born on 06/05/1921 and was murdered in 1976), Itaú Cultural transformed the exhibition “Ocupação Zuzu“, which took place physically in 2014, into a large virtual tour with the right to new content , as an entry in the Itaú Cultural Encyclopedia.





O Instituto Zuzu Angel tem uma agenda bonita de celebrações

No próprio sábado, será inaugurada em Curvelo, cidade natal de Zuzu, em Praça Pública, uma grande exposição ao ar livre, contando sua história, através de imagens do arquivo pessoal e da sua moda. A curadoria é do Ivan Penna,


100 Anos de Zuzu Angel

Em 05 de junho de 2021 estamos comemorando 100 anos de nossa querida Zuzu Angel!