Political protest dress [long sleeve]

Registration number: 84IND
Type of collection:Clothes
Registration number: 84IND
Class:Social Outfit
Title:Political protest dress [long sleeve]
Author:Angel, Zuzu
Background/Collection:Zuzu Angel
Production date:13/09/1971
Local production:Legacy
Clothes history: Wedding dress of the political protest show that is part of the International Dateline Collection III, which is divided in three themes, the last of them being political protest. The fashion show took place on September 13th 1971, the year her son died, at the residence of Lauro Sotello Alves, Brazilian Consul at New York, later placed on display throughout the week at the Gotham Hotel. [This show is considered to be a milestone on Zuzu Angel’s professional trajectory, due to the fact that it was when she first launches her protest fashion]. According to Hildegard Angel, (testimonial on 01/2014) the dress is all embroidered with references to military dictatorship, airplanes from which political prisoners were thrown, caged birds that would be the young, all seen through the bars. Anyway, a simple way, with childish traits, all this showed that moment of sadness that lived the Country. Everything had to be said in a very subtle way, very subliminal to understand the message and at that moment the meaning was extraordinary. Fashion has a revolutionary force that never goes out.
Width: 0,81
Height: 1,35
Technique:Embroidered by hand , Hand sewn, Machine sewn
Material:Linen, Zipper, Bracket
Clothes description: Long white linen dress, with long sleeves frowned at the wrist with elastic, with a lining made of the same fabric. There are several colored embroideries, as symbols for the country’s dictatorship. They are distributed at the front, back and the sleeves, with cannon, sun, bars, angels, flowers and military caps motifs. Has a 0, 45 cm zipper closing at the back.
Associated events:Ocupação Zuzu Angel (Zuzu Angel Occupation) Exhibition. Itaú Cultural Institute. São Paulo, 2014. Dateline Collection III. september, New York, 1971
Complementary clothes: Does not apply.
Description of complementary clothes: Does not apply.

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[Letter by Zuzu Angel to Thomas Dine (Secretary to Senator Frank Church)]

Letter by Zuzu Angel to Thomas Dine (Secretary to Senator Frank Church) reporting Stuart’s arrest and disappearance and the theme inflection of her fashion collections. Typed, dated, and unsigned document.

[Drawing of soldier for embroidery on tissue paper – 20]

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[Draft of letter by Zuzu Angel to Thomas Dine (Secretary of Senator Frank Church)]

Draft of letter by Zuzu Angel addressed to Thomas Dine (Secretary of Senator Frank Church) reporting the arrest and disappearance of Stuart Angel and the theme inflection of her fashion collections.

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