Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy ("Policy") sets forth the rules for the collection, use, storage and sharing of personal information and data for USERS of the website (“Site”), made available by INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL DE MODA DO RIO DE JANEIRO, legal entity (CNPJ / MF) registered under number 00.129.466/0001-91, with headquarters at Rua Rocha Miranda, 53, Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, CEP 20530-450 ("INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL”)

INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL is committed to preserving the privacy of users of the site, in compliance with the provisions established in this Privacy Policy.

Access, consultation and use of the site implies the full and unreserved acceptance of this Policy. If you do not agree with any practices adopted by INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL, stop accessing, consulting and/or using the site immediately.


1.1. In order to visit the site, the USER does not need to provide any data. However, creating a USER account is conditioned upon the provision of personal information, including your full name, CPF, address and contact email. The USER will also be asked create a personal and non-transferable password for access to the Site.

1.2. The data collected from the USER aims to create a registry for Instituto Zuzu Angel, aiming at the dissemination of news about the institute's actions.


2.1. The data and personal information provided by the USER will be protected and stored by INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL in accordance with the following criteria:

(i) The information provided by the USER will be collected and stored according to security and confidentiality standards;

(ii) The USER will be informed about the information that will be collected before the storage of the information begins, being allowed to express his or her preference so that the data and personal information collected by the site are not used for future contacts;

(iii) The personal data and information obtained by INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL shall not be used for any purposes other than those for which they were collected, unless otherwise determined by law or by court order;

2.2. If the USER decides to create an account on the site, the USER will accept to receive messages from the INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL mailing system. If the USER manifests its willingness to no longer receive messages from the mailing system through the email, INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL will cease to send these messages.

2.3. In some cases, the Site may contain specific notices on the practices of use and sharing of USER information and data. These notices supplement this Policy, as part of it.

2.4. INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL may, in some cases, use an outsourced service to collect, use, analyze and/or otherwise process information for its benefit. These companies will treat the information in accordance with this Policy.

2.5. Personal information may be subject to disclosure due to subpoenas, warrants, or other court or governmental orders. In this case, if there is a legal requirement to provide personal data and personal to public authorities, INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL shall comply with the legal determination, and this does not constitute any violation of the norms set forth in the Policy.

2.6. INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of other sites it links to. The USER should inquire about the Privacy Policy of these sites, before providing their personal data or information to these sites.


3.1. The USER may request the deletion of all personal information and data from INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL registry at any time by sending a message to


4.1. Any notification, communication and/or doubt about this document, or regarding the treatment of personal information and data by the INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL, should be sent to the following address: and/or to the following address: Rua Rocha Miranda, 53, Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, CEP 20530-450.