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1.1. The Terms and Conditions set forth herein govern the navigation, consultation and use of the Site by the USER, implying access to the Site in full acceptance, without reservation, of all provisions contained in this document.

1.2. All notices, regulations and instructions contained in the Site complement these Terms and Conditions, obliging the USER to comply with them

1.3. In case of change of the Terms and Conditions, the new norms and conditions for use of the Site will be published on the Site, and will take effect immediately. In the event of changes in any norms and conditions that produce permanent or temporary effects after the use of the Site, such as storage, use and sharing of USER personal information and data, INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL will communicate the change of the Terms and Conditions by e-mail, so that the USER is made aware of the changes implemented on the Site. If the registered USER does not agree with the implemented changes, the USER should manifest himself immediately through the communication channels made available by the Site.

1.3.1. It is the sole responsibility of the USER to update his or her registration and contact information.

1.4. In case of any disagreements with any practice adopted by INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL through this Site, the USER must stop navigating, consulting and/or using the Site immediately.

1.5. When the USER is made aware of the content of these Terms and Conditions, he adheres, by electronic means, to its norms and conditions.


2.1. The Site is an electronic site containing the collection of designer ZUZU ANGEL, news about the stylist’s legacy and information about Casa Zuzu Angel.

2.2. The Site is published by INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL and made available on the world wide web with the purpose of publicizing the work of stylist ZUZU ANGEL, promoting activities of INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL, exposing the brands of sponsors and supporters of INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL and channel creation Communication with the USER..

2.3. The Site has an institutional purpose and does not charge any monthly fee or contribution for USER access to its pages and links.


3.1. The USER must access the Site from the domain, and may freely navigate through the public access pages made available by INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL.

3.2. f you wish to create an account for access to the support service for researchers and, the press, the Fale Conosco channel, as well as for e-mail registration in order to receive general communications and special contents of INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL, the USER must provide, through this link, the following personal data: full name, CPF, address, contact email; Creating a personal and non-transferable password to access the Site.

3.2.1. By creating an account, the USER automatically accepts the receipt of electronic messages through the INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL's mailing system. If you do not wish to receive such messages, the USER may, at any time, request the suspension of this service by sending a request to Contact Us.

3.2.2. The USER will be responsible for safekeeping the password to access the Site.

3.2.3. The USER must keep all registration data updated, informing the Site of any suspicion of improper or unauthorized use of its password, login or registration data.

3.2.4. INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL is not responsible for registrations made by third parties.

3.3. INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL is not obliged to verify the veracity, validity, completeness and/or authenticity of the personal data informed by the USER, being the full responsibility of this user to fill in the data required for the creation of his account.

3.3.1. The information contained in the registration is the sole responsibility of the USER, and the provision of untrue information is to be considered as ideological falsehood.

3.3.2. In the event where untrue information is found to have been provided by the USER's in his registration, the Site may annul the registration and block the USER's access to the account, leaving the USER subject to legal penalties.

3.4. The provisions contained in the Site's Privacy Policy are available to the USER at


4.1. Trademarks, domain and corporate names, distinctive signs, titles and logos published on the Site and/or owned by INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL cannot be used by the USER for any purpose without the previous and express authorization provided by INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL, or by the holder of the corresponding Intellectual Property.

4.2. With the exemption of works of public domain, images, texts, software, documents, database, audio, video and audiovisual files and other materials published on the Site are protected by the Copyright Law (Law No. 9,610, of 19 February 1998), being owned by INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL or used by INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL upon authorization of the law or the holders of their rights.

4.3. The reproduction, use, distribution, modification, transformation, adaptation, composition of derivative works or any other exploitation of the contents and protected works contained in the Site is prohibited. If the USER wishes to use, reproduce or otherwise dispose of the content or the works contained in the Site, he/she shall contact INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL to request its prior and express authorization, negotiating the terms of use or exploitation of the works and contents.

4.4. The violation of the Intellectual Property contained on the Site, through the improper use and/or illicit use of the content provided by the Site, implies the direct responsibility of the USER, who will respond civil, criminal and/or administratively, under the law, for any illegal acts.

4.5. INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL may perform all acts permitted by law and/or contract to protect the Intellectual Property of the works and contents made available on the Site, including the adoption of restrictive access mechanisms.


5.1. USER access to the Site may be blocked at any time in case of violation of the norms set out in the Terms and Conditions, as well as notices, regulations and instructions contained in the Site.

5.2. INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL has the right to terminate, suspend or interrupt, unilaterally and at any time, without previous communication, the location of the Site.

5.3. In addition to the conditions set forth in the Terms and Conditions, the USER undertakes to abstain from the following acts::

(i) use the Site for a purpose other than that for which it is intended and other than as provided in the Terms and Conditions;

(ii) reproduce, alter, edit, adapt, erase, misrepresent, corrupt, transmit or otherwise modify, in any way or form, in whole or in part, the Site and/or its content;

(iii) associate the image of stylist ZUZU ANGEL and/or the Site with any publicity or marketing campaign, albeit merely institutional, without the previous and express agreement of INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL;

(iv) perform any acts that are considered illegal, contrary to public order or violate morals and morals;

(v) perform any acts that directly or indirectly affect the Site and/or cause harm to INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL, to other users and/or to any third parties;

(vi) use the Site, its visual identity, texts, images, audio files, logos, slogans, trademarks, advertising expressions, domain names, business names, intellectual works, software, data, representations, videos, graphics or any other intellectual property of the heirs of stylist ZUZU ANGEL and/or INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL.

5.4. The Site may indicate third party websites to make it easier for the USER to browse the internet. INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL, however, has no link with the data, content and services available on such sites, nor participates in the elaboration of this or controls its production. For this reason, INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL is not responsible for the content of third-party websites, nor for the losses and damages caused by them.

5.5. INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL does not guarantee and is not responsible for the losses and damages verified as a result of any of the following assumptions:

1) security, suspension, failure or error in the availability, continuity or accessibility of its site and the contents and services disclosed in it;

2) accuracy, completeness, comprehensiveness of the contents of the site;

3) existence of viruses and/or other harmful elements in the contents of the site that can result in changes made to the computer (hardware and software) of someone accessing the Site, in the electronic documents and other files stored in it;

4) the digital security of users' data.

5.6. Any tolerance shown by INSTITUTO ZUZU ANGEL for failure to comply with the rules and conditions established in this instrument shall not constitute a waiver of the right to demand compliance with the provisions contained herein.


6.1. Any and all notifications and/or communications addressed to the Site must be sent to the e-mail: and/or the address: Rua Rocha Miranda, 53, Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, CEP 20530-450.


7.1. These Terms and Conditions are governed by Brazilian Law.

7.2. In the event of any disputes arising from these Terms and Conditions should be settled at the Central Forum of the District of the Capital of the State of Rio de Janeiro.